That Was My Veil: Sartorial and Cosmetic Constructions of Resilience in Divorced Women

A research exploration of fashion and resilience by MA Fashion Studies graduate Kim Jenkins

“Women happier than men after divorce, study finds”

I just stumbled across this new article published, which offers us new insight into the disparities regarding how men and women process divorce:

Research published in the journal Economica has found that women are much happier and satisfied with their lives following divorce.

Ryerson Sociology professor Doreen Fumia came close to my thesis material when she offered the statement:

“The second thing is men don’t have friendship circles in the same way women do. Women tend to have a support system in place and often the girlfriends are the people they have a lot of fun with and they are freed up to go out with the girls…”

I would also offer that society perpetuates the “I will survive” ideology for women, and helps women find emotional and psychological support through materializing a sense of resilience in shopping and various performative activities (i.e. divorce parties, dress trashing). It is curious that these techniques of materializing resilience and pluralized therapies geared towards (or more readily embraced by?) women are not co-opted as quickly (or as easily accessible) by men.



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