That Was My Veil: Sartorial and Cosmetic Constructions of Resilience in Divorced Women

A research exploration of fashion and resilience by MA Fashion Studies graduate Kim Jenkins

More on the “Revenge Body” in the Media

Once again, the “revenge body” is being circulated through the media– this time with Khloe Kardashian. Her body is seen as lean and fit, and in the image provided in this link, her stealthy look is exaggerated by an all-black body-clinging outfit, wet slicked back hair and aviator sunglasses. Khloe was described in the article as “steadfast” and, despite the challenge she is facing in her pending breakup, the article assures us that she is “looking good”. The media seems to play a key role in monitoring the progress of public female characters (and male characters in certain cases), evoking a sense of concern from the everyday consumer, and issuing a folk-like remedy for personal struggles through strategies of the valued characteristic of resilience- here being accessed through the power of the body and wardrobe.



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