That Was My Veil: Sartorial and Cosmetic Constructions of Resilience in Divorced Women

A research exploration of fashion and resilience by MA Fashion Studies graduate Kim Jenkins

Cosmopolitan Magazine recognizes fashioning resilience and the psychology involved in looking “good”

From Racked:

According to a press release, CosmoBody will offer women “challenges” or one to four-week-long programs “to get women ready for their key reveal moments.” Those moments could include “a ‘Wowza Wedding Body,’ ‘Sexier by Saturday’ for the big date, or ‘Revenge Body‘ to help recover from a breakup.

Said Cosmo EIC Joanna Coles, “We want to empower our Cosmo audience to feel sexy and strong, without sacrificing any of the fun. There’s an inextricable link between looking good and feeling good, and CosmoBody inspires women to create that connection whenever they need it, wherever they are.”

Here we have consistent guidance from media outlets–specifically magazines–that encourages us to stimulate and cultivate our personal “economy”. Specifically, this economy involves building personal stability through physical labor and consumption. The market is rich for bringing attention to our anxieties whilst operating under the objective to make us feel better about ourselves–positive psychology. We fashion ourselves through fitness regimens and the consumption of clothing and cosmetics with the hope of attaining a happier life and transcending struggle.


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