That Was My Veil: Sartorial and Cosmetic Constructions of Resilience in Divorced Women

A research exploration of fashion and resilience by MA Fashion Studies graduate Kim Jenkins

Artist Marina Abramović Fashions Resilience: “I wanted to feel female again”

I recently watched artist Marina Abramović’s documentary, “The Artist is Present” (2012) on HBO, and while watching this spectacular film on her body of work, I was surprised with a … Continue reading

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“Women happier than men after divorce, study finds”

I just stumbled across this new article published, which offers us new insight into the disparities regarding how men and women process divorce: Research published in the journal Economica has found that … Continue reading

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What Not to Wear After a Breakup

What Not to Wear After a Breakup I shared several narratives and socially pluralized “rules” (primarily aimed towards women) throughout my thesis this year that spoke to how one’s wardrobe … Continue reading

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I will be presenting “That Was My Veil” this Friday!

I will be presenting “That Was My Veil” this Friday! If you are around the NYC area this Friday, May 17th, I will be presenting my thesis work, “That Was … Continue reading

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In the news: Vera Wang’s Black Bridal Collection

“That Was My Veil” indeed. I’m sharing a news post from the summer that featured Vera Wang’s presentation of an all-black bridal collection for Fall 2012 following the dissolution of … Continue reading

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That’s a Wrap! How the End of DVF’s Marriage Marked the Beginning of Her Business

Although I was evacuated from my home this past week (I’ve since been able to return), Hurricane Sandy wasn’t able to wash away my inspiration! I was pleased to see … Continue reading

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Research Inspiration: Else Skjold

So I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that just about everything I admire about the emerging field of Fashion Studies is nestled in Scandinavia. Case in point: The research of … Continue reading

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Princess Diana’s post-separation LBD, designed by Gianni Versace

A spotlight was cast upon Princess Diana in the wake of her dissolving marriage to Prince Charles. As she pulled her self together, Princess Diana conveyed an image of strength, … Continue reading

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“The Divorce Empowerment Dress”, Burda Style

Here’s an example of divorce, DIY style. I recently stumbled upon a post on Burda Style, a website serving as a creative hub for women who sew, featuring a member … Continue reading

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“That Was My Veil”, PJ Harvey

It starts at daylight
I see him before my sad eyes
I hear him breathing, oh lover
Need you to lead me, no never thought that you’d leave

That was my veil
That was my time
Once held secret
But now lies

No words can heal my heart
Inside I’m broken, now it’s done
Was she a pretty girl? Does she have pretty hair?
Was she soft spoken? Was there a love there?

That was my veil
That was my time
Once held secret
But now lies

Give back my veil
Give back my time
No more secret
You give me lies

Give me back my veil
Give back my life
No more secret
You give me lies, lies

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